J. Phys. I France
Volume 6, Numéro 12, December 1996
Page(s) 1997 - 2009
DOI: 10.1051/jp1:1996200
J. Phys. I France 6 (1996) 1997-2009

BETS $\mathsf{_4}$CU $\mathsf{_2}$Cl $\mathsf{_6}$ and BETS $\mathsf{_2}$Fe $\mathsf{_{0.75}}$Ga $\mathsf{_{0.25}}$Cl $\mathsf{_4}$, New Organic Metals of the BETS Family: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties

N.D. Kushch1, 2, O.A. Dyachenko1, V.V. Gritsenko1, S.I. Pesotskii1, 3, R.B. Lubovskii1, 3, P. Cassoux2, Ch. Faulmann2, A.E. Kovalev4, M.V. Kartsovnik4, L. Brossard5, H. Kobayashi6 and A. Kobayashi7

1  Institute of Chemical Physics in Chernogolovka, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, 142432 Russia
2  Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, CNRS, 205 Rue de Narbonne, 31077 Toulouse Cedex, France
3  International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, 53-529 Wroclaw, Poland
4  Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, 142432 Russia
5  Service National des Champs Magnétiques Pulses et Laboratoire de Physique des Solides CNRS UA 074, Complexe Scientifique de Ranqueil, 31077 Toulouse Cedex, France
6  Institute for Molecular Science, Nishigonoka, 38 Myodaiji, Okazaki 444, Japan
7  University of Tokyo, Departement of Chemistry, School of Science, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, Japan

(Received 19 April 1996, accepted 11 June 1996)

BETS salts (where BETS is bis(ethylenedithio)tetraselenafulvalene) with the CuCl 3, Cu 2Cl 6, (CuCl 4) n and Fe 0.75Ga 0.25Cl 4 anions have been synthesized. The physical properties of $\theta$-BETS 4Cu 2Cl 6 and $\kappa$-BETS 2(Fe 0.75Ga 0.25Cl 4) salts and crystal structures of $\theta$-BETS 4Cu 2Cl 6 have been studied. Both compounds have been found to exhibit Shubnikov-de Haas and angle-dependent magnetoresistance oscillations.

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